Congratulations! You’re engaged!! Now what? Wedding Advice – from a top san francisco candid documentary wedding photographer

A wedding, be it your first or your second marriage is a very special event for you and your future spouse. There are so many things to prepare to enjoy the day. Here are just a few tips.

1. Choose your photographer first.
– the memories of the day will fade, but the photos will last forever. You want to find someone who gets you, and can capture your day in the way you envision. This takes time to find this person, and once you’ve found them, you want to make sure they’re available and then book them.

2. Choose your venue second.
– after you’ve found the person to photograph your day book the venue as soon as you can. Time goes by really quickly and it’s wedding day before you know it.

3. Choose your wedding planner third.
– though you may think a planner is extravagance, it really isn’t. It’s crucial! These people coordinate everything for you before your day and day of. They also really help out keeping you on time and ensuring that you get those special moments to have your photos taken.

Don’t be afraid to go to City Hall.
A City Hall wedding is a great way to keep things simple and then you can have a party later.
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