Top Two Tips of the Week ending August 29, 2014 – – from a top san francisco candid documentary wedding photographer

I’m so excited to be writing about my top two tips of the week. They will be both photography related and real life related.

So let’s launch right in.


Tip One

This past week I was photographing a beautiful wedding at Hotel Vitale. Family and friends flew in from all over the world to celebrate the lucky couple. The day before we did a final walk through, the weather was perfect, overcast, and the right amount of light for photography. Cut to the wedding day and it’s a totally different story. Open sun, bright blue skies, and no shade in site. I was feeling pretty bummed that the photos I really wanted to do couldn’t happen. So what did I do, I found gorgeous locations inside. I made beautiful portraits, and didn’t push the couple to get hot and sweaty before their ceremony. Our day was scheduled to have all the photos done before the ceremony, but sometimes weather throws a wrench into things and you’ve got to roll with the punches. Well, in actual fact, I was happy because the photos we did take were spectacular.


Tip Two

So, the continuation of beautiful weather here in San Francisco led me to wear one of my favourite long sheer skirts. I was so excited to be able to wear a skirt all day long without have to wear tights and bundle up. Well, after some walking around the neighbourhood with my pup Maui, I found that this beautiful sheer was now full of static and all jammed up and clinging to my legs. Not the flowing look I was going for.  Let me tell you what my simple solution was for this!!! Water! Free flowing water. All I need to do was ground myself by holding a faucet when the water flowed. Thank you so much to my grade 7 science teacher for that trick. It still works today.


Check back next week for my top two tips of the week!!!

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