Top Two Tips of the Week of September 5th – from a top san francisco candid documentary wedding photographer

This week’s tips again are photo and life survival skills. Read forth!


Tip One

So this is going to sound completely obvious, but I’m in the career of giving advice. This weeks advice is to always, always, always, have your photographer at the wedding ceremony rehearsal. At the very least your wedding planner should be there. But if you are looking for those one of a kind photos, you really want to have your photographer present so that she can see what you see, and know exactly where she should be, especially if she is the only photographer.

Tip Two

Make some time for yourself this week. Yes, yes, yes, we all have a busy schedule, and there’s never enough time to do the things that you need to do, let alone the things that you want to do.

Believe it or not, I followed my own advice this week and did just that and roped in a fellow photographer friend too. What did we get up to? The Exploratorium of course!! Sonia Savio, of Sonia Savio Photography skipped on over to let our imaginations go wild. I had never been here before, but Sonia a native of San Francisco, and a veteran of the museum had been going to this palace of wonder since she was child. I’m so glad that we treated ourselves to this afternoon of fun. As much as I love going to an art museum, a science museum really gets me going. Sonia and I got to play with many of the exhibits. We particularly liked the electricity exhibit where we made light bulbs glow, and dc batteries spin. There where glowing colored domes, rain tables, tear machines, and all sorts of brain teasers.






Check back next week for my top two tips of the week!!!


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