Top Two Tips of the Week ending Sept 19, 2014 from a Candid Documentary San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Top Two Tips of the Week ending Sept 19, 2014 from a Candid Documentary San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Tip 1

Help your friends. Yes, this may seem obvious, but there are times they need you and it really feels good to help them out.

My good friend Nader needed some help on a photoshoot he was doing for the San Francisco Travel Association. Little did I know this shoot was going to be as exciting as it was. Nader was producing all the imagery for a 17 page brochure to advertise the city of San Francisco. Our day started chasing cable cars up and down California. We were shooting right at the top of the hill where the cars crest over Mason St by the Mark Hopkins Hotel, The Fairmont Hotel, Grace Cathedral and the Freemason building. What spectacular views there were down the street. We could see all the way to the Bay Bridge and Beyond. After photographing and chasing down model releases from tourists we were off to Chinatown. Here we took the in all the sights, the lanterns, the food, the murals, and all the shops. Next stop, North Beach. Here we went to Cafe Trieste and photographed delicious pastries and coffees, then to Al’s Attire where we actually got to meet Al himself. That’s right he really exists and has been working in this North Beach shop for 30 years. I was particularly excited because so many of my couples get their custom suits and shoes and dresses made. We followed all around through the many stations that he works at and boy does he know how to work. Our last stop was the famed The Slanted Door, a restaurant I had only heard of but never been to. The restaurant is right on the water and is at the back of the ferry building. It has the most stunning views of the bay bridge’s light show. Here we photographed cocktails and appetizers and then patrons enjoying their dinner. What a spectacular place. The day was pretty amazing and at the end of it I was able to teach Nader one of my lighting techniques to balance indoor and outdoor light. He was thrilled and hopefully you’ll be able to see all the imagery when the publication comes out.


Tip 2

Keep on Trucking. Well, in my case that’s keep on shooting. San Francisco is experiencing some pretty stellar weather these days and I can’t just sit inside on my computer every day. I’ve got to get outside and shoot. So that’s just what I’ve been doing. I also shoot lifestyle fashion photography and have just started a blog for that company. Well, right after Nader’s shoot I went to Treasure Island for a spectacular day of shooting models. James and Kaitlyn Ann were just the sweetest two models. Followed by a wedding on Bar Mitzvah on Saturday. Some people would be tired after all of this shooting, but I am invigorated!!! I feel like all aspects of my photography make me a better shooter and better with all of the people I encounter day to day.

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