How to Choose a Wedding Veil – from a top San Francisco Wedding and Engagement Photographer

How to Choose a Wedding Veil – from a top San Francisco Wedding and Engagement Photographer


Phew, you found the perfect wedding dress. Congrats! But now you need to decide: to veil or not to veil? The possibilities are vast. Do you want a cathedral-length veil with cascades of antique lace following you down the aisle? Or how about a fun and flirty birdcage for a vintage vibe? Or maybe you’re considering skipping the veil altogether because your hair is just. that. good. Full-length, blushers, mantillas, poufs–what to choose? Relax, I’m here to help.

First, familiarize yourself with all of your choices: look at different lengths and styles. The type of ceremony you’re having will probably help narrow down the options, too.  If you’re having a traditional church ceremony and a dress with a train, you’ll probably go for something long with a blusher. If a Napa vineyard is your venue, maybe you’ll choose a shoulder- or elbow-length veil. If you’re opting for City Hall, a fascinator is a chic choice.

Once you know all your options, think about what will work best with your dress. If your gown is elaborate and detailed, something simple may be best, so as not to detract from your dress’ wow factor. Is the back of your dress a stunner? Then don’t cover it up with a full-length, embellished veil!

What about your hair? If you’re planning an elaborate updo, you might want a simple ballet-length veil to complement it.  If you’re going sleek and modern, maybe a dramatic birdcage will send your wedding day look into Carrie Bradshaw territory. (This is also a good time to remind you to take your veil with you to your practice appointment with your hairdresser!)

Also think about other embellishments to add a twist–maybe a jeweled hairclip or some fresh flowers?  Anything else that will make you feel like a princess! The point is that it’s totally your choice and that there are no rules!

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