How To Keep The Wedding Floral Budget Down – from a top San Francisco Wedding and Engagement Photographer

How To Keep The Wedding Floral Budget Down – from a top San Francisco Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Your list of wedding costs keeps growing, and it sure seems like your budget is shrinking! One place where there is potential for creatively keeping costs down is in the floral department.

An increasing number of brides are going the DIY route and taking floral matters into their own hands. If you’re brave and have hours to spare, take a leap into Pinterest for an overwhelming amount of DIY wedding flower ideas.

In San Francisco we are lucky to have the bounty of the San Francisco Wholesale Flower Mart. With a little imagination and some elbow grease from your bridesmaids, you can pick out some gorgeous blooms and DIY your wedding into Instagram fame.

Choose local, hardy, seasonal flowers. Don’t expect tulips to be affordable for a fall wedding, and know that even though they are gorgeous and smell better than anything, delicate peonies will send your budget into the red and be wilted before the last dance. Pick flowers that are easy-to-use in floral arrangements. Steer clear of flowers that rely on their stems: no orchids or Gerber daisies, okay?

Some cost-saving centerpiece options include: Use single blooms or smaller groupings of flowers instead of elaborate, expensive arrangements. Or, consider foregoing floral centerpieces altogether. (Which of course is a drought-friendly option for us Californians!) You could opt for a grouping of framed photos, a collection of driftwood, seashells, or candles. The possibilities for non-floral centerpieces are endless! Another option is going the DIY route for your centerpieces, but hiring a pro for your bouquet and boutonnieres.
Also, don’t discount the natural beauty of your selected location. Maybe you’ve chosen a venue that speaks for itself! Beautiful settings surround us here in the Bay Area, hopefully you’re taking advantage of our fair city!

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