Zoe’s Golden Gate Club Presidio San Francisco Bat Mitzvah – from a top san francisco candid documentary wedding photographer

I was honored to be an associate photographer for Bruce Forrester Photography, with Jennifer Paschal at the Golden Gate Club. It is always a special feeling to be able to shoot for another studio and create wonderful images for them.

The Golden Gate Club is nestled in the hills of San Francisco’s Presidio district. Each and every time I photograph there I am amazed at how the building is transformed so perfectly to suit the special event that is held there. Young Zoe was such an adorable girl. She was ecstatic to have all her friends and family see her mature and celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. Her party was set up like a really cool amusement park. All the windows were covered and black lights were hung throughout the building so that everything glowed. There were so many super duper fun things for all her friends to do – basketball, spray paint party hats, air hockey, giant 4 person pac man, a photo booth, glow stick, party hats, a dj with dancers that choreograph moves for everyone, and a candy room only Willy Wonka would be jealous of. What made this bat mitzvah stand out from all the others, was a special pre entry red carpet. Before guests could even enter the Golden Gate Club there were a slew of photographers and videographers snapping away like paparazzi at the Oscars. This is where everyone was able to strike a pose for the cameras. One cute and quirky part of the party was the entrance to the club. Giant security guards stood blocking the doors so it resembled a VIP event. Each and every kid that went in had to be patted down and every girl was asked for their ID.  I’m sure Zoe will remember this day for the rest of her life. It truly was a phenomenal party that was not to be missed.

candid-photojournalistic-sanfrancisco-batmitzvah-photography Documentary-batmitzvah-photographer-SanFrancisco065 Documentary-batmitzvah-photographer-SanFrancisco077 Documentary-batmitzvah-photographer-SanFrancisco076


Golden Gate Club Bat Mitzvah



Golden Gate Club Bat Mitzvah

Documentary-batmitzvah-photographer-SanFrancisco054 Documentary-batmitzvah-photographer-SanFrancisco052 Documentary-batmitzvah-photographer-SanFrancisco047


Golden Gate Club Bat Mitzvah


Golden Gate Club Bat Mitzvah





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