How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

You’re getting married and you want to have stunning photos to remember your special day, to capture all the moments with your friends and family, and have a keepsake for years down the road.

How do you decide which of the hundreds of Candid Documentary San Francisco Wedding Photographers do you choose?Here are a few helpful tips!!


First off, check out their website.  Do they have full weddings that you can get a good feel for their work and style? If you don’t see what you’re looking for request a sampling of full weddings from them to show you. What you want is an experienced photographer who can capture weddings effortlessly in a way that you’re drawn to.

Check out my website here and some full weddings here, and here, and here.


What packages does your photographer offer? How involved will they be before your engagement shoot and before your wedding? After your wedding will they have a viewing session to help select pictures for your album, or will you just be mailed the photos?

Are they super busy photographing weddings every weekend, or are they able to be responsive and thoughtful to how much time and effort you are putting into your wedding?


It may be tempting to hire a friend or family member you know who has a good camera, or has taken some pretty pictures on their Facebook page. But is this something that they specialize in. Do they know how to coordinate family members to get all the posed photos done as quickly as possible so you can get on to your party? Do they know how to pose you so that it is the most flattering and romantic picture? Do they understand how to be subtle in post production rather than apply a global Instragram like look? Do they come with back up equipment, insurance and have a plan in the event something goes wrong? There are so many important things that only a professional has the expertise to do and why risk having a stressful day, or have a moment missed because you hired the wrong person.


I know it seems old fashioned, but go ahead and pick up the phone and call a few of your top choices. Find out a bit about them. Are they kind, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful? Do you feel like you connect? Do they return your calls quickly? You need to be able to connect and be comfortable with your photographer as it will show in your photos.

Booking with Liz is easy. Check out how to book your San Francisco Documentary Wedding and Engagement Photography session here. Or just contact Liz here.