Prepping For Your Photo Session

Photo shoots are tons of fun! This is where you get to choose exactly what you want to do and how to remember yourselves.



Some important things to remember

It’s almost time for your photoshoot and I’m sure you’re thinking, I’m all ready, let’s do this. But before you step in front of the lens, let’s just make sure all your bases are covered.
Let’s go step by step through everything starting with –


Choose a place where you and your fiance love. Something that has significance to you, or maybe a vista that you just love. This helps you to feel comfortable since  you know your location and it has the bonus of having meaning to you too.


Have two great outfits together. And by great I mean, full outfits including shoes, you feel awesome in and totally love. If you want to project your best, you need to feel your best, so get your clothes laid out, try them on in front of the mirror, add any accessories you feel go with it, and steam, press, de-lint, de-fur, and hang them ready to wear. You’ll want two just in case there’s time to do a second set up and we can add a little variety to the shoot. You want to dress to impress! Solid jewel tones look best on camera.  Please avoid sneakers, flip flops, t-shirts, jeans, white or off-white colours, busy patterns, hats, brands, logos, tank-tops and athletic attire. This is a special photo. Think classy… think elegant! Men should wear nice pants with a dress shirt, sweater or blazer.

Personal Grooming

For the ladies, you know the routine.
Wash your face, exfoliate, moisturize.
Make sure the facial hair is under control. Do not pluck, wax, or thread, the day of if you think you’ll be red and puffy. Before you start putting on make up, think about the environment you’ll be set against, will any particular colourings look better than others, or do you want to go with a more natural palette. Put your make up on fresh (within an hour) before the shoot and leave your lips blank. You’ll apply your lipstick moments before your photo, so bring a compact. I’d suggest a matte colour as glossy and shiny don’t always look great on camera, and the wind can blow hair into your face and have hairs sticking to your mouth. Be sure to bring some loose powder to de-shine any areas that are catching the light and making highlights.
Pay attention to your hands and feet. Will we see your nails? Will they match your outfit? Decide if your want plain or coloured and get them camera ready.

Men!! Much more simple in the grooming department. Wash, your face, moisturize, and bring some powder for de-shining. Make sure your facial hair is under control, eye brows, ears, noses, beards, the works. Shave in the morning so you have a tiny bit of growth by the shoot.
Everyone. Start paying really close attention to your lips. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!! Every hour, lip balm those luscious lips. Exfoliate them if you need to. This is the one and only part of the body photoshop can not fix. It’s up to you to get them ready, soft, and supple.


It’s always nice to incorporate a few props into the shoot. If you have signs, save the date something fun and DIY, let’s chat about it and how we can add it into your photo.


Get good zzzsss. This seems so very very obvious, but it’s pretty critical to looking your best, least puffy, and dark circled. I would aim for three nights in a row of good sleep at a consistent time. Do your best.


And finally pre shoot diet. Water!!! I cannot stress this enough. You want to drink two 8oz glasses an hour. Yes, I’m serious. Nothing makes your skin look better than water. Start this process 48 hours before the shoot, 72 hours for optimal results. It may mean you’ll need to spend a little more time in the bathroom than usual, but trust me. It really helps.
Oh, and keep the alcohol to a minimum, or none at all for three days prior.

What to bring

Ladies – loose powder, lipstick, Kleenex, hair spray (or your product for fly aways and frizz), lint roller, your outfits.
Men – lip balm, de shine powder, lint roller, your outfits.

Be on Time, or a little early

Most often we’ll be shooting during the golden hour (when the sun is setting) and there is a very short window to take your photos. If you’re late you’ll lose your chance to have the best possible photos you can have.
Ta da!! Now you’re ready!!
Of course if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or send carrier pigeons. Happy to help, and I love helping!

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